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 Ultrasonic Processor SPT Series
 Ultrasonic processor SPT Series are high efficiency suitable for industry processing. Can be used in laboratory experiment, pilot scale and industry production of sonochemistry.
 The transducers are fixed on the pipe, the ultrasonic energy can be rediated from the pipe, a more uniform sound field(reaction field) can be got.
 Can be connected with other equipments easily.
 You can choice the best frequency from 25、28、40kHz. Available in different sizes and power levels for laboratory, pilot scale and production applications.

Model SPT-50 SPT-100 SPT-200 SPT-300 SPT-1000
Frequency 28 or 40kHz 25 or 40kHz
Ultrasonic output(※1) 50W 100W 200W 300W 1000W
Output control - 0〜100%
Output mode Continuation or Continuation/Puls
Operating temperature Max 65℃
Pipe(※2) φ23mm、φ47.8mm, L=400〜1000mm φ53mm, L=1300mm
Material of pipe SUS304 or SUS316L SUS304 or SUS316L
Generator dimensions W150×H85×D200mm  W180×H105×D240mm W305×H142×D310mm
Power supply AC115±15%  50/60Hz(AC100V)(※3) AC230±15%  50/60Hz(AC200V)
※1 Also available in other type.
※2 The diameter and length of pipe are also available by customized order.
※3 The power supply conversion transformer for AC100V(AC100V→AC230V) is optional parts.

             SPT-100(28kHz, 100W)                               SPT-100(40kHz, 100W)                SPT-1000


28kHz 300W

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