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 Tubular Sonoreactor SRT25-01〜12 / SRT30-01〜07 / SRT40-01〜05 /Custom-made[Patent]
 Tubular Sonoreactor SRT Series, container inside irradiation is used, it is high efficiency suitable for industry processing. Can be used in laboratory experiment, pilot scale and industry production of sonochemistry.
 Using the stick type radiator(transducer), the ultrasonic energy can be rediated from the tip and side of rediator in 360 degrees direction, a more uniform sound field(reaction field) can be got.
 Can be connected with other equipments easily.
 You can choice the best frequency from 25、30、40kHz. Available in different sizes and power levels for laboratory, pilot scale and production applications.
 The coupling type of the entrance and the exit among have two kinds of a hose adapter (standard type) and the screw adapter for pipes.
 The ultrasonic rediation time, output mode and output power can be set easily.

Model SRT25-01〜12 SRT30-01〜07 SRT40-01〜05
Frequency 25kHz 30kHz 40kHz
Ultrasonic output 600W〜2000W 600W〜1500W 300W〜1200W
Output control 50〜100%(step 1%)
Output mode Continuation/Puls
Material of transducer Radiator: Titanium alloy; Cap: Stainless steel
Material of pipe SUS304 or SUS316L
Pipe dimensions(※1) φ97.6mm, L=370〜1500mm φ97.6mm, L=420〜850mm φ97.6mm, L=320〜900mm
Operating temperature(※2) Standard type 65℃ / High temperature type 95℃
Generator dimensions W250×H80×D180mm(400W) / W250×H130×D270mm(over 600W)
Power supply(※3) 400W type:AC115±15%  50/60Hz / over 600W :AC230±15%  50/60Hz
Accessories Cable, Valve, Coupling
Option Stand, Cabinet
※1 The diameter and length of pipe and cooling jacket are also available by customized order.
※2 Also available in the type(HD) of operating temperature 95℃ on request.
※3 The power supply conversion transformer for AC100V(AC100V→AC230V) is optional parts.

         SRT40-04               SRT40-03HD          SRT40-01G(glass pipe)        SRT40-03HD-M(Custom-made)

                SRT25-05 Working                             SRT30-02 Working

 Ultrasonic transducer and pipe dimensions

Frequency 25 kHz

Type Output Pipe Length-L Length-A Length-B Diameter d/D
SRT 25-01 600 W 370mm 198 mm 320 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-02 600 W 470mm 297 mm 419 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-03 1000 W 470mm 297 mm 419 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-04 1000 W 570mm 396 mm 518 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-05 1000 W 670mm 495 mm 617 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-06 1200 W 670mm 495 mm 617 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-07 1500 W 670mm 495 mm 617 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-08 1500 W 780mm 594 mm 716 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-09 1500 W 900mm 693 mm 815 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-10 2000 W 1100mm 891 mm 1013 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-11 2000 W 1300mm 1089 mm 1211 mm 50/70 mm
SRT 25-12 2000 W 1500mm 1287 mm 1409 mm 50/70 mm

 Frequency 30 kHz

Type Output Pipe Length-L Length-A Length-B Diameter d/D
SRT 30-01 600 W 420mm 270 mm 362 mm 38/55 mm
SRT 30-02 600 W 500mm 354 mm 446 mm 38/55 mm
SRT 30-03 1000 W 600mm 437 mm 529 mm 38/55 mm
SRT 30-04 1000 W 680mm 520 mm 612 mm 38/55 mm
SRT 30-05 1000 W 780mm 604 mm 696 mm 38/55 mm
SRT 30-06 1200 W 780mm 604 mm 696 mm 38/55 mm
SRT 30-07 1500 W 850mm 687 mm 779 mm 38/55 mm

Frequency 40 kHz

Type Output Pipe Length-L Length-A Length-B Diameter d/D
SRT 40-01 300 W 320mm 201 mm 280 mm 30/55 mm
SRT 40-02 500 W 400mm 264 mm 343 mm 30/55 mm
SRT 40-03 750 W 550mm 391 mm 470 mm 30/55 mm
SRT 40-04 1000 W 650mm 517 mm 596 mm 30/55 mm
SRT 40-05 1200 W 900mm 770 mm 849 mm 30/55 mm

 With sand example / with cabinet example


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